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Calling the Dogs

Calling the Dogs refers to a short story written by Amylou Wilson. As a child, she remembers "calling the dogs," or singing out to the hunting beagles and other family dogs to get them to come home out of the woods near the house. "Here puppy, here puppy, here puppy ...."
Amylou Wilson writes short stories and poetry. She also is involved with the Ozark Poets & Writers Collective based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. For more information about OPWC and upcoming events, please visit the OPWC website at http://ozarkwriters.wordpress.com/.

For more information, e-mail Amylou Wilson at hattiemcneil@hotmail.com. To read the short story "Calling the Dogs," visit The Arkansas Literary Forum (2002) at http://www.marckbeggs.com/ALF/2002/wilson.htm.

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